Identity and Branding

Brands are like the weather – everybody talks about them but almost no one knows what to do to make them better.

You often hear people talk about “re-branding.” What they do is come up with a new logo and a clever tagline. That is NOT about the brand.

While the logo and “promise” are vital components of the brand and MAY make viewers think about the things for which the product or company they represent only a small part of the brand…

Your Brand is the composite of everything you say and do, filtered by what your various stakeholders – customers, prospects, employees, regulators, the general public PERCEIVES.

Perception is what counts to the people you want impress. It’ s how they see and believe about what and who your company or product is, its personality, how they interact with you and all you stand for and believe in.

Brightstar Interactive has major experience in the creation of a brand – from a marketing and sales standpoint. We don’t just research brands, we build them.

If you’re not 100% convinced that everybody who interacts with your brand has the EXACT perception which you would like them to have, contact us today, and let’s talk!